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G4JNT MF linear PA

Publié : 28 février 2013, 18:17
par F4DTL
After giving my 475kHz linear PA to G0API, I then realised I did actually need another one to work him with using PSK31.

Here is the design of an updated newer version of that power amp using IRF520 MOSFETs delivering 40 - 50Watts linearly from a 28V supply.

By the merest piece of fluke, the junkbox ferrite core used for the output transformer just happens to be one RS Components still sell !
IRF540 devices would allow more output at slightly higher efficiencty, but I had quadrillions of 520's


(ps. for those who say 'JNT is never heard on LF, had a long ragchew QSO with G0API this morning using PSK31. Made a change from doing it on Skype, mainly due to simplex operation, but otherwise, curiously similar in many respects - being limited by typing speed. )