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Sondage SAQ

Message par F4DTL » 29 mars 2012, 10:00

Dear SAQ listener!

We are presently working at a booklet about Grimeton with the tentative title “Who listens to SAQ”, clearly expressing the very great importance of our listeners all over the world and our appreciation of your achievements. Also, it will give information on the transmitter, VLF communication and reception and tell a little about our transmissions and what happens at the station etc.

The booklet will be available to all visitor and listeners. Therefore, to make the best of it, we are inviting you to participate by answering some questions and, of course, giving your comments. The result is to be ready for publication before summer, when we will mail it as a pdf-file to all participants.

What (kind of) information would you prefer to find in the booklet? (Technical, historical, personal…)

And a little about yourself.

Your age? (Just for statistics.)

Where do you live (Country, town…)?

What is your main motive for listening to SAQ?

How many times have you listened?

Please, tell us briefly about the equipment you use for the purpose!

Way of reception (receiver, converter, computer…)


Other interesting things…

Are you a radio amateur/professional?

Your own comments and suggestions, e.g. concerning our transmissions or whatever you want us to know.

Thank you very much for your assistance!

Most kind regards:

Arne Sikö,

the Grimeton World Heritage and Alexander GVV, the Supporting Association.

The listener reports and QSL manager, Lars Kålland, SM6NM, adds his greetings, but

please, direct your answers to Arne Sikö: .

We would very much appreciate to have your answer within a week or so. Thank you!


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