Procedure inscription à la liste RSGB LF MF

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Procedure inscription à la liste RSGB LF MF

Message par F4DTL » 15 août 2010, 15:37

RSGB LF Group Reflector
An e-mail reflector has been operating for many years now to help encourage those wishing to experiment at LF. In the early days it concentrated on 73kHz and 136kHz as well as occasionally other LF aspects; with the demise of 73kHz (in the UK) the reflector is one of the main Internet recourses available for coordinating operating and exchanging technical knowledge on 136kHz. Now that we are experimenting on 501-504kHz many are using the reflector for advice and support for the early contacts - it is recommended that the numerals 500 be put into the subject line so that people can filter the e-mails coming from the reflector.
Anyone is free to join the reflector by sending an e-mail to with the "subject" field blank and the following message in the message field:
subscribe rsgb_lf_group
To unsubscribe from the reflector a similar e-mail is sent but with the slightly different message:
unsubscribe rsgb_lf_group


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